Tesla Model X Review

What's New for 2016 The 2016 Tesla Model X is an all-new model.

Introduction Lost among the sometimes hyper commentary regarding the Tesla Model S sedan is that it's simply a very nice, very fast car. It's sleek and seductive, with luxury, performance and price beyond any electric vehicle on sale today. Tesla hopes to extend its win streak with the all-new 2016 Model X, a crossover-style version of the popular sedan.

Buyers who like the Model S but deem it ill-suited to their needs -- too small, too low -- will find a lot to like about the Model X. Its standard third row of forward-facing seats offers true seven-passenger seating, compared to the optional rear-facing jump seats in the Model S. Unique gullwing-style rear doors (Tesla calls them "falcon doors") use dual hinges to reduce opening and closing arcs in tight spaces and allow freer access to the rear seats.

Improved versatility doesn't mean excessive growth, however. Tesla will build the Model X on the same platform used for the sedan. Although the Model X will be taller and slightly longer than the Model S, it won't grow any wider.

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Tesla Model x Review

Though it doesn’t exist yet, Tesla’s Model X vows to be the greenest way to tote seven passengers over hill and dale. An electric motor powers the rear wheels while an optional front-mounted motor can power the front wheels for all-wheel drive. Expect two battery choices: a 60-kWh unit with a 230-mile range and an 85-kWh model boasting a 300-mile range. The Model X should inherit the high-tech cabin and potent acceleration from the Model S and the upward-swinging “falcon” doors of the concept

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